• Forbes FYI Travel Supplement

    Brazil's 205-room AriaÚ Hotel may be the world's only accommodations set amid the wild flowers, birds and monkeys of the rain-forest canopy.

    The way to Tarzan's house was a wooden catwalk 60 feet high that angled through the jungle canopy, with trees growing through the floorboards and lianas draping themselves all around. Well-camouflauged crocodilians hunted in the flooded forest below, and a procession of brilliantly colored parrots was arriving for their dinner-at the hotel's expense, of course. I passed a menagerie of friendly monkeys, one of whom jumped on my back and began grooming my hair while another tried to relieve me of my watch. Finally, I went up a staircase that spiraled around a huge mahogany tree and found myself on a 90-foot-high platform snugly fit between branches looking over the Amazon's thousand shades of green.

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